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DN-HC4500 USB MIDI/Audio Interface & controller

Ever since the needle hit vinyl, DJ’s have been setting the standard for what’s hot. Denon comes from that same philosophy and passion–leading the way and creating the path for DJ evolution. That path has lead to the DN-HC4500, Denon’s first USB MIDI/Audio interface designed exclusively for computer performance club and mobile DJs worldwide. This feature packed professional PC/MAC compatible controller combines unmatched hardware performance with internal high quality audio processing offering low latency ASIO/OSX Core Audio support. The DN-HC4500 does more than talk Midi…it offers the exclusive flexibility to control DENON’s optional BU4500 dual CD/MP3 player for simultaneous 4-player configuration, wow! The controller is bundled & complimented with an LE version of PCDJ’s revolutionary new software, “Reflex”, that offers an array of amazing forward thinking features.


  • Includes LE Version of Reflex™ by PCDJ®
    • DN-HC4500 & Reflex both support PC/MAC platforms
    • Fully compatible and pre-mapped for DN-HC4500, just Plug & Play
  • USB MIDI Controller(controls various audio/video DJ applications, PC/MAC)
  • USB MIDI Plug&Play support for Serato SCRATCH LIVE™ (v1.8.1.or greater), TRAKTOR 3™ & PCDJ Reflex, PCDJ DEX, Virtual DJ and OtsAV.
  • Internal 24-Bit Processing & USB Audio
  • BU4500 Drive Support
  • Multi Functional Touch Sensitive Jog Disc
  • Vibrant Tube Display w/ 2-line Character Text Support
  • Highly Responsive Soft Rubber Buttons, Switches & Knobs
    • 5 easily accessible function keys at top of each deck
    • 45mm Pitch Sliders capable of deep resolution or wide pitch ranges
    • Vibrant CUE/PLAY button illumination
    • 2 level illumination of certain buttons
    • Multi color illumination of certain buttons for layering functions
    • Multi color LED’ for layering functions
    • Pitch Bend buttons
    • Parameter Knob, Range, Sync, Playlist, Back, Fast Search and other keys are available to configure accordingly
  • Traditional & Intuitive Dual CD Player Style Layout
  • High Speed USB 2.0 Interface
  • Fader Start
  • X-Control
  • Recessed Side Panel for Easy Connections
  • Versatile Rackmount and Tabletop design
  • User Adjustable Presets
  • Software Upgradeable by USB

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